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Cisco Information Server Advanced (ANCISV)  2.0


    It is recommended that a learner has the following knowledge and skills before attending this course:

  • Understanding of databases in general
  • Understanding of SQL concepts with the ability to develop in SQL
  • Basic Windows skills
  • Understanding of Web Services
  • Completion of Designing, Developing, and Configuring Cisco Information Server (ANCISB) v2.0
Course Content

This course provides learners with the course flow diagram and the icons that are used in the course illustrations and figures. This course component also describes the curriculum for this course, providing learners with the information that they need to make decisions regarding their specific learning path..

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare your lab environment for use
  • Explain advanced techniques for connecting and transforming data
  • Explain advanced procedures available with the Cisco Information Server
  • Explain advanced operation of security. caching, and query engine in the Cisco Information Server
  • Describe advanced platform experiences found with the Cisco Information Server
  • Course Outline
    • Module1: Preparation
    • - Lesson 1: Installing Cisco Information Server and Studio

    • Module 2: Advanced Connecting and Transforming Data
    • - Lesson 1: Using XML Schemas and Namespaces

      - Lesson 2: Configuring XML Data Sources

    • Module 3: Advanced Procedures
    • - Lesson 1: Building Advanced SQL and Scripts

      - Lesson 2: Using Transformation Editor

    • Module 4: Advanced Operation
    • - Lesson 1: Configuring Advanced Security

      - Lesson 2: Performing Advanced Caching

      - Lesson 3: Advanced Query Engine

    • Module 5: Advanced Platform Experience
    • - Lesson 1: Using Triggers

      - Lesson 2: Using Custom Java Procedures

      - Lesson 3: Handling Transactions

    • Module 6: Advanced Troubleshooting
    • - Lesson 1: Advanced Troubleshooting

    Who Should Attend
    • Channel Partners
    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Career Certifications

    • Technology

      Data Center

    • Delivery

      • ClassroomClassroom
      • Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom
    • Duration

       5  Days

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