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Advanced Services Cisco Active Network Abstraction (Cisco ANA) 3.7

Following are the prerequisites for this course: Basic Microsoft Windows user-level knowledge Basic understanding of network management concepts (Simple Network Management Protocol [SNMP], MIBs, and so on) TCP/IP networking experience Oracle administration knowledge Solaris and UNIX system administration knowledge Networking Technologies, MPLS, CE , MToP IOS,XML
Course Content
The Cisco Active Network Abstraction (Cisco ANA) v3.7 course is a modular course that teaches students how to install, configure, customize, and effectively use the Cisco ANA product suite. The student gains understanding of the primary components of the ANA architecture; guidelines for deployment; hardware and software requirements; and the concepts, processes, and tools that allow customization of an ANA management system to meet the specific needs of the customer┬┐s unique network. The students┬┐ understanding is deepened by hands-on labs that include installing ANA units, gateway, and client software and utilizing the ANA applications, NetworkVision and EventVision, for network and service discovery and fault detection.
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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to :

    • Describe the ANA architecture, consisting of Cisco ANA gateways, ANA units, and clients.
    • Describe virtual network elements (VNEs), which are the software-based building blocks of the Cisco ANA virtual network model, each one cloning the characteristics and properties of its real-world counterpart Create network maps and build a virtual network model consisting of VNEs.
    • Describe and show how new technology support is managed by ANA, For instance CE, MToP etc.
    • Plan an ANA deployment; review hardware and software requirements.
    • Install the various ANA components.
    • Configure the VNEs.
    • Configure user accounts and ANA security features.
    • Discover and view network inventory information.
    • Visualize and monitor the physical network elements and their logical services.
    • Troubleshoot, manage, and correlate network events and faults.
    • Maintain and troubleshoot the ANA system.
    • Plan for high availability.
      Course Outline
      The course outline is as follows: Cisco ANA Operations Module 1: Cisco ANA Product Overview Module 2: Using Cisco ANA NetworkVision Cisco ANA Installation and Configuration Module 3: Pre-deployment Planning Module 4: Software Installation and Configuration Module 5: Administration Cisco ANA Customization Module 6: Miscellaneous Tools (ANA Shell, Registry Editor, BQL Basics) Module 7: Cisco ANA Soft Properties Module 8: Cisco ANA Command Builder Module 9: Cisco ANA Workflow Editor
      Who Should Attend
      Network administrators, system administrators, and operators System integrators, professional services, and consultants
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     4  Days

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