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Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance (CANAC) 2.1

  • Certification as a CCSP or the equivalent knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Familiarity with networking and security terminology and concepts.
  • Fundamental knowledge of implementing network security or CCSP or Cisco.
  • Security CSQ.
  • BCMSN or working knowledge of VLANs.
  • SNRS or working knowledge of digital certificates.
  • BCSI or working knowledge of HSRP.
Course Content

The NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access) is a "shrink-wrapped" network admission control solution that recognizes users, their devices and roles; evaluates the security posture of the endpoint and scans for vulnerabilities; and enforces policy in the network. In particular, prior to allowing users onto the network, the NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access) solution allows administrators to authenticate, authorize, interrogate and remediate users and their machines enforcing policy based access control on the network.

Course Outline

Course Introduction

Cisco NAC Endpoint Security Solutions

Cisco NAC Appliance Common Elements Configuration

Cisco NAC Appliance Implementation

Cisco NAC Appliance Implementation Options

Cisco NAC Appliance Monitoring and Administration

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