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Designing and Implementing Cisco IPVC Rich Media Communications (ICRMC) 1.0

Course Content

ICRMC is a three-module web based course to instruct network professionals how to design and implement Cisco IP Video Conferencing products. The first module reviews the fundamentals of video over IP networks using available protocols and hardware. The second module focuses on designing for IPVC, and the third on implementing and installing IP Video Conferencing hardware and software. Video endpoints, such as Tandberg and Sony video endpoints, are considered in addition to Cisco products. Other courses focus on installing point-to-point video, such as Cisco VT Advantage, and streaming video.

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Design, implement and configure H.323 and H.320 IP video and Cisco CallManager video communications compenents in several Cisco-supported scenarios.
Course Outline

Module 1: Video Conferencing Fundamentals

Introducing Video Communications

Video Communications Features

Video Standards, Codec's, and Transcoding

H.323. IP / VC

Cisco CallManager Video Telephony

Cisco IP / VC 3500 Series Products

Module 2: Designing for IPVC

IPVC Deployment Models

Designing IPVC

Designing H.320 Integration

Designing Cisco CallManasger and H.320 Interworking

Designing CAC for Video Communications

Designing QoS for Video Communications

Sizing MCU's

Sizing Video Gateways

Module 3: Implementing IP / VC

Implementing H.323 Video Communications

Impleementing Cisco CallManager Video Telephony

Implementing H.323 Video Conferencing

Configuring Cisco 3500 Series IP / VC Products for H.323

Implementing Cisco CallManager Video Telephony Conferencing

Integrating H.323 and H.320 Video Communications

Integrating Cisco CallManager with H.323 and H.320 Video Communications

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  • Customer
  • Employee
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  • Duration

     12  Hours

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